About Paul

Guitar lessons in Bearsden and Milngavie are given by me, Paul.

Guitar tutor recording in studio

In the studio, where I play on records as one of the country’s most respected session musicians

Here’s a wee bit about me!

I live in Glasgow with my wife and two Boxer dogs, Lola and Ruby.


I’m 37, from Glasgow and have been a professional guitar teacher for 16 years, having played for over 20.  I’m also a performer, respected session musician and songwriter.

An incredible guitarist who stole the show, leaving many a gig-goers jaw on the floor with his classy, yet breath-taking fingerstyle.

_ Review in ‘The Skinny’ magazine

I began giving guitar lessons in the West End of Glasgow, Bearsden and Milngavie back in 2004.  At the beginning I used to walk between student’s homes which took me quite a while!  I then invested in the heaviest bicycle ever made and became a guitar lessons courier – Thankfully I have since learned to drive!

 Guitar tutor with dog

Myself and Lola in the mountains – our favourite thing to do (after guitar :-p-)!

Music is my passion, my life (after my wife and dogs of course!), and teaching students guitar in Glasgow every day is an absolute joy.  I am immensely proud to have helped hundreds of kids learn how to play guitar and achieve their guitar and music goals since 2004.

Live Guitar performance concert

I also perform as a live singer songwriter.

As a session musician, I play guitar and lend vocals to various artists’ recordings around the UK both in the studio and live.

I have toured the country performing my own material, in various original bands and have recorded several EP’s and albums.

playing guitar in store

Playing guitar is my life and I love sharing my passion with keen to learn children

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WestEndGuitar is a small business solely operated by myself and is my profession. Your hard earned money is going to an experienced, hard-working musician giving quality, value lessons who lives to teach and teaches to live – not a cheap part-timer looking for extra cash on the side.  No-one offers the professional, elite service and extras I do, so why compromise?

Tutor's dog wearing a scarf

Here’s my lovely pup Lola wearing a scarf – just because!