Cancelling your guitar lesson.

boxer dog in bed

We’re all a sick wee puppy sometimes! (This is my dog, lola!)

I understand things crop up suddenly and sometimes you just can’t make your guitar lesson.  If this happens please let me know as soon as you can and we’ll try to rearrange your lesson for another time in the week.  If you require a specific week off or rescheduled, please let me know when booking the block and it will be penciled in no problem whatsoever.

Cancellations which cannot be rescheduled within the same week will still be charged from your block – regardless of notice given or reason.

As guitar lessons are booked in blocks of 4, this hires my time in advance for 4 weeks – I make this slot yours and unavailable to any other student and don’t accept other work based on your booking.  This is why I cannot accept non-rescheduled, term-time cancellations within an existing block.

Options for cancellations:

  • Rearranged for another slot in the same week (schedule permitting)

Contact me anytime to discuss a reschedule 🙂