Choosing a Guitar Teacher

A Guitar Teacher in Glasgow (or anywhere) for children should offer several set-in-stone guarantees.

man and child playing acoustic guitars

In lessons we play together, not just ‘okay, now you’!

This article will discuss the tutors you should consider hiring, firing and avoiding!

The tutor you choose will be the major factor in the path your kid’s musical future – so be sure to make the right choice.

Before you make the choice, ensure your prospective Guitar Teacher meets many if not all of the following criteria:


Hire the best you can afford

  • Hire a professional tutor. Too many are part-time chancers looking to earn a quick buck on the side
  • On time, every time. Whether a class or home lesson – lessons should fit easily into your schedule with no worries or hassles
  • They should have a website with a linked email address (not a gmail etc). This shows commitment to their profession
  • Any flyers should be of high quality, not a scribble on an index card
  • Social media accounts should be regularly updated
  • It should be an above-board, tax-paying business

Experience + reputation

Experience + passion + knowledge + reputation = Your ideal music tutor

You can accept a little less experience when hiring cheaper, less established teachers – but when you’re hiring the best;

  • Look for at least 5 years experience when hiring the best tutors
  • 10 years playing experience is an absolute necessity
  • Reviews/quotes
  • References from other parents/students
  • Known through word-of-mouth
  • If a local, busy tutor – do they teach any other children at your child’s school?
  • Qualifications aren’t necessary, but you should be able to see examples of playing and evidence of their experience claims


Young, but not too young!

The most experienced tutors aren’t in their early twenties as they cannot possibly have the teaching, playing and life experience of an older tutor – but at the same time, kids don’t want to taught by an older person as they can associate them with regular boring teachers and lessons can become just another class. When looking for a tutor, ideally they should:

  • Have a knowledge of current, popular music
  • Someone your child looks up to and wants to impress
  • Someone your kid thinks is cool!

Not cheap!

You get what you pay for

Instantly avoid any tutor who offers ‘cheap’ lessons, lots of ‘deals’ and charges to-good-to-be-true low prices.

To gain the knowledge and expertise to master an instrument, develop the skills to teach and build a reputation around a quality business takes many, many years to obtain and make a living from – therefore any quality tutor will sell their product at a price which reflects this.

While lessons should never be unnecessarily expensive, they should never EVER be cheap!

The first lesson should ALWAYS be FREE!

If they don’t offer a no-obligation, free first lesson – walk away. The best tutors should be confident in their abilities and happy to have you put them to the test. Plus, as they don’t know what they’ll be teaching you’re child as they’ve never met them (the lesson will have no plan), it would be wrong to charge.


Be sure your tutor has;

  • A Disclosure check
  • Public liability insurance
  • A first aid certificate (if left alone with your child)
  • Passion, a good attitude and loves to teach!

Thankfully, I consider myself to have all of these traits/abilities/qualifications – so get in touch today to discuss booking a slot for your wee one!