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Guitar Lessons for Kids in Glasgow West End, Bearsden + Milngavie is where I cover.

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I probably shouldn’t be sitting on that piano, haha!

Sometimes though, people from other cities in Scotland, England – Britain stumble upon my site.

This page is a guide for anyone looking for tutors in other cities. Hopefully you’ll find someone to give you or your children amazing private music lessons and find the right tutor for you!

Check out guitar lessons from the Primavolta Music School for a really professional and serious approach.  Perhaps a little expensive, but worth checking out.  Next we have Josh, an advanced tutor who will help you become a great guitarist and has even created his own book series!  Steve Layton Guitar is a great, experienced young musician offering a rock angle to your lessons.  Pat at Wright Guitar School is a professional tutor and covers a large area.  If you want to up your game and learn up to grade 8 guitar, for exams or even just for fun (if that’s your idea of fun) – give Grant a call and check out his website here.

Learn to play your instrument from only the very best teachers

Looking for something else?  Check out lessons with Bill Higgins, he’s a tutor with 30 years experience! On the other end of the scale if you’re looking to start a band is Owen, a 22 year-old giving metal lessons to those who dare!  From London Guitar Institute is the awesome, Joe Moyes who has played as a guitarist for Michael Jackson among others.  Ben Rose (benroseguitar) has over 20 years’ experiences and teaches his students everything from guitar finger exercises to improvisation.

Always avoid ‘cheap’ lessons!

Fresh Music not only has a great website but is open six days a week, so you can learn how to play guitar with loads of choice.  George Norval is not only the author of two guitar books, but also teaches guitar teachers!  Great music lessons in guitar, banjo, bass and more are given by Danny at AML music lessonsMcBain Music School teaches both 30 minute lessons and 45, check them out for solid, quality tuition.  Greame at KinnelarGuitars offers music lessons not just in guitar, but also mandolin and ukulele.

For more info on what I offer in Glasgow, check out my lessons page here.

Learning to play an instrument is easy when you take lessons from Sweet Symphony School of music as they have a dedicated team of teachers ready to help children, kids, son, daughter, wee one’s – everyone!  If you’re really into learning to write your own music, hire a local tutor from the Northern Music Centre who will show you the way to join or start a band, become a songwriter, write songs, improvise on guitar and much more!
Andy Turnbull is a good instructor with loads of great reveiws from current and past students, check out his academy website.

with a proper and great tutor, your learning time will accelerate

Tom and Chris Guitar School is a mix of very different yet excellent musicians who will show you how to play guitar in many styles such as rock, pop, classical, jazz, funk, metal and more. Liam production and performance academy has helped artists get on Radio 1 and perform around the country, helping beginner guitarists, intermediate and advanced.  Now we are at the top-rate and level of guitar tutors; check out Mayfair Guitar Lessons for the most elite lessons out there in regards to in-the-field experience.

I hope these links have been helpful.  If you’ve stumbled upon my site and don’t live in Bearsden or Milngavie and are looking for local lessons for kids, children, kids, your son or daughter – please check out the links for some help.

If I can answer any questions for you reguardless of location – please get in touch today and I’ll be happy to help