Guitar Gear for Lessons

Guitar Lessons, guitars and gear – oh my!

different types of guitar

I provide all types of guitar; from electric to classical to acoustic

Below are some of the trusted brands I recommend

Learning guitar doesn’t need expensive instruments, so shop smart!

If you would like any advice, whether you’re a student of mine or not – please get in touch and also check out my shop, the WestEndGuitar Store here.

When looking for guitars, I personally prefer Fender and the Fender Stratocaster as it’s the peak of everything a perfect instrument should be!

You can find out more about the Fender brand and the Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster, Fender Jazzmaster and more by visiting the page below:

classic fender badge

Visit the Fender website by clicking here

Other great guitar brands include Gibson and the Gibson Les Paul, Gibson SG, Gibson Explorer, Gibson Flying V and more:

gibson guitar custom design

Click to visit the Gibson website

Gibson also have a secondary, more affordable brand, called Epiphone who make the Epiphone Les Paul, Epiphone Explorer, Epiphone Flying V and Epiphone SG plus many others:

epiphone guitar and bass headstock decal

Visit the Epiphone website here

There’s so many more guitar brands, but the best of the rest are summed up below.  Click the links to visits the sites and find out more:

Want to check out some more out there guitars?  Check out the video below!

Now you know what you perfect guitar will be, you need an amp to play through!  Check out examples of amps both by clicking the web links to the manufactures page and the video below:

Last but not least – effects pedals!

When I was a young musician, I thought effects pedals were my everything!  As I progressed though, I realised that less is more.  But please – experiment!  Below is some of the most popular effects pedals and links to the peals themselves.

I hope you enjoyed this little delve into guitar gear and how to rig out your band/hobby etc. Have fun and get in touch to book lessons today!