Frequently Asked Questions

Guitar lessons in Glasgow for beginners and kids in Bearsden, Milngavie + Glasgow West End FAQs.

Children playing guitar

Kids always have a great time at lessons!

Guitar lessons from myself have brought joy and music to over 500 happy students since 2004. Working together is the safest, guaranteed choice for quality, value lessons.

No need to worry if you’re getting the best, most experienced tutor – you get Glasgow’s proven, most in-demand tutor who provides a service no-one can match GUARANTEED.

Frequently Asked Questions covered below:

  1. How much are lessons?
  2. How long are lessons?
  3. Where are lessons given?
  4. What is my experience?
  5. What types of music do I teach?
  6. Does my kid need a guitar?
  7. What type of guitar should I buy?
  8. What steps are involved in booking lessons?

How can I be sure I’m getting the best value – how much are lessons?

Guitar Lessons from myself are £25 per lesson, but how do I compare to others?

  • Most professional tutors in Glasgow offer guitar lessons for around £15 – £30
  • I charge £25, providing a quality service at an affordable price
  • You have to travel to 99% of tutor’s home or studio – adding to you costs, time and effort
  • I provide lessons to your child in your home – no-need to travel, fight traffic, contend with bad weather or pack up your family!
  • Other tutors provide only the lesson
  • I offer quality, custom materials based completely on your child’s musical interests; also contact me anytime for help.  Find out more about what I provide here

How long is the guitar lesson and is the lesson long enough?

Lessons are 20 minutes long.  From my huge wealth of experience, this is the optimum lengths for a lesson for young children.  I believe so strongly in this that I do not offer 40 minute double lessons to a single student, even though I would make double the fee; here’s why:

  • It’s the perfect duration for retaining what you’ve learned, staying focused and focusing attention
  • 20 minute slots nicely into your day and plans
  • 20 mins is plenty of time to take in what they’ve learned as is backed up by detailed CUSTOM handouts (not guitar-site printouts handed to every student regardless of their musical taste)
  • 45/60/90 minutes is simply unnecessary and most would be forgotten, so please – even if you choose a different tutor – seek 20 minute lessons

What is the location of Guitar lessons and where are lessons given?

I teach exclusively, only and without exception to families in Bearsden, Milngavie and Glasgow West End. As I travel to students, I stick to this one catchment area for travel reason.

  • Lessons are super convenient – given at your home: again, no-need to travel, fight traffic, contend with bad weather or pack up your family!
  • In your home at a set time each week in your own secure, guaranteed slot

What is your experience?

I have been playing for 20 years, teaching for 16+; I am a studio/live session guitarist/singer, perform my own material nationwide and am a songwriter/soundtrack producer.  Find out lots more about me here

What type of music do you teach?

Whichever music your child want to learn is what I teach.  The basics and technique I teach are all aimed towards playing the music your wee-one loves.  From Ed Sheeran to Iron Maiden to AC/DC to Katy Perry – I teach my many students simplified versions of their most favourite tunes!

I teach children to enjoy and have fun on guitar – no boring theory, classical music or songs they don’t like.

I don’t teach musical grades such as ABRSM guitar grades, Rock School, or RGT guitar exams. Find out why by reading my article on the subject here.

Does my kid need a guitar?

Absolutely.  I want only the best for my students – unlike many tutors, I don’t hire guitars for practice as only practicing during a lesson is a waste of your time and money.  A commitment to purchasing a guitar is essential – which I can provide provide, see my recommendations on buying a guitar for you child.

What type of guitar should I buy?

I can provide guitars from my store, the WestEndGuitar shop here, or give impartial advice on purchasing from a source of your own.

  • For children – Nylon strung Classical guitar, 3/4 size.  Avoid toy guitars.  See my article The Perfect Guitar for Lessons for more on what to go for.
  • Electric guitars?  These should be a goal to work up to, lessons should ideally begin on a classical or acoustic guitar

What steps are involved in booking lessons?

For an in-depth explanation of the process from contact to first lesson and everything in between, check out the ‘process of booking lessons’ page here.

Have any questions which aren’t answered here?  Contact me (Paul) on the contact page here.

Musicians union guitar protection

Musicians Union represent the rights of professional musicians in Britain

The Musician’s Union, the body which works for Musician’s rights and sets standards for pay; states the current 2021/22 nationwide minimum rate for guitar lessons.  My rate includes travel costs (95% of guitar tutors teach from their home, which increases your cost + effort) and reflects my expertise and experience teaching children.  My rates offer great value for money, are affordable and a win-win deal for all. Check out the current Recommended rates by visiting the MU Rates page here.