The Perfect Guitar for Lessons

Guitar lessons are an essential part of your child’s learning.

Now for the next most important part…

The guitar!

Children playing guitar

Kids always have a great time at lessons!

There are a huge amount of guitars to choose from for kids, most of which are poor quality, glorified toys.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of not starting your kids out with a super-cheap instrument. It will be harder to play, fall out of tune constantly and only need replaced in six months. Start them off on the right track by choosing a decent guitar from the get-go.

Below are a few guitars at different price options which I have personally tested and recommended to dozens of students throughout my 14+ years of teaching.

Simply click on the link to be taken to amazon to view for yourself and purchase:

For the smaller child, usually around 6 to 8; I recommend The following guitar as it’s slighter smaller than your standard 3/4 size, but not too small that they’ll grow out of it in a year! You also get a case, picks and spare string which come in VERY handy and save money long-term.

Beginner guitar starter pack

A brilliant starter guitar set

If your wee one is slightly taller and/or 8 years old and above – there is a great option from Fender:

The guitar below is a great, really sturdy example which is easy to play and looks great.

Fender 3/4 size guitar for children

A superb guitar for kids

If you have any more questions about the guitars above, or would like to book a FREE trial lesson, contact me today.