Guitar Lesson Prices + Content

Your child deserves the best guitar teacher Glasgow has to offer.

Child playing guitar on couch

Another child thriving by learning in the comfort of his own home

What I offer your child is unrivaled by any other tutor in the city.

I believe it’s my duty as a guitar teacher for your child’s lesson to be just the beginning, so here’s what else you get:

  • Expertly tailored weekly lesson sheets + personalised workbooks documenting what was learned, improvements to make, what to practise and any other exercises all plain and simple to understand
  • Anytime aftercare – having trouble with something?  Get in touch anytime via Facebook, text, phone or email
  • No-problem cancellation policy.  Your lesson will be rescheduled in the same week (schedule permitting).  See the full cancellation policy here.

Quality guarantee – If you find another guitar teacher in Glasgow offering the same unrivalled tuition for the same price or more I will give you your first block worth £80 FOR FREE

Cheaper lessons are available from other guitar teachers in Glasgow and Bearsden, but no-one offers the ease of  home tuition from a child-expert, vastly experienced, quality, caring and expert tuition.

Your child’s first lesson is FREE

Each individual lesson costs £20

Lessons are booked 4 in advance at £80 per block 

Your child’s lesson duration is :20 minutes

Double lessons (for 2 children) is £160 per block (8 lessons total/2 x £80)

(For advice on why 20 minutes is the ideal duration, check out my article ‘Ideal Guitar Lesson Length’ here)

Musicians union guitar protection

Musicians Union represent the rights of professional musicians in Britain

The Musician’s Union, the body which works for Musician’s rights and sets standards for pay; states the current 2018/19 nationwide minimum rate for guitar lessons.  My rate includes travel costs (95% of guitar tutors teach from their home, which increases your cost + effort) and reflects my expertise and experience teaching children.  My rates offer great value for money, are affordable and a win-win deal for all. Check out the current Recommended rates by visiting the MU Rates page here.

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