The Process of Booking Lessons

Guitar Lessons booking time? Great!

Below is what to expect from first contact to first lesson.

Bearsden, Milngavie + West End of Glasgow based lessons by me, Paul; are renowned for easily fitting into even the busiest of family lives’.

Guitar tutor recording in studio

In the studio, where I play on records as one of the country’s most respected session musicians

Perhaps your wee child has got a guitar for Christmas, wants to learn for fun, or is taking it up for school or wants to be the next singer-songwriter musical star – it all starts here – getting in touch with the guitar tutor.

If you’re like most parents running busy households I teach, you could do without yet another after-school class to get your kid to; so one-to-one, at home tuition is the best choice. Many haven’t book a tutor before, so here’s exactly what to expects when you hit that ‘Contact Paul’ button:

    • You contact me via the contact form. Let me know your child’s age, why they would like to learn, the area you live in and as many questions as you would like to ask! Also, if they don’t yet have a guitar – I can provide a sample for the lesson.
    • I will get back to you within a few hours.  I teach from around 3pm each weekday, so a response may take longer during teaching hours.
    • When you are happy to arrange a first FREE lesson, we will arrange at a time which suits you best.
    • I will arrive promptly and have a wee chat before starting your child’s first lesson. If we could have 2 chairs facing each other and maybe a third to write on, that would be great.
    • After the first lesson, we will have a chat about how it went and then I’ll leave you to have a think and discussion with your child or children about whether you would like to commit to a regular slot.  You will not be asked to give an answer or make a commitment at the free lesson – again, take your time to mull it over.
    • You will not owe any payment at the first lesson.
    • If you decide to go ahead, get in touch and we’ll then go about trying to arrange a regular slot.  Sometimes a slot just isn’t possible due to my being at full capacity (I am almost always full or nearly full), so in this case I will keep your preferred time slot requests on file and be back in touch asap when a slot arises.
    • When a regular slot is arranged, payment will be due at the first lesson to pay for it and the next 3.  Lessons are always booked in blocks of 4 at £100.  (See more about prices here.)  A receipt will be given which outlines the full cancellation policy (also available here).
    • The next payment will be due at the 4th lesson of each block, to book the next 4.  A text will always be set the morning of the day of the lesson as a reminder.
    • You will be updated after each lesson in person about your child’s progress and via text/email.
    • If your kid is having any issues or is struggling with anything, please do get in touch anytime for help and advice – I’m always here for them!
group guitar lesson boy and girl

Children thrive when learning in the comfortable, familiar setting of home. No distractions from other kids!

If there’s something you would like to know further than everything on the list and in the FAQ section, please contact me and I’ll happily get back to you very soon.