Should my child learn to play guitar left handed?

They write with their left hand, pick things up with their left, but…

man looking at his left hand
To learn left handed or to not learn left handed, that is the question!

As a 15 year guitar teacher veteran, I have been asked this question dozens of times and dozens of times/every single time I have and always will give the same answer.


Everyone should learn to play guitar right handed.

You can stop reading right here and have your answer, but if you would like to know more as to why, read on for a list of really simple, to the point bullet point reasons why everyone should learn to play guitar right handed.

  1. The most important, obvious reason: They don’t know how to play left OR right handed, so it makes sense to play the most common way
  2. Left handed guitars are expensive as they are in less demand and only come in a few models and colours
  3. They can never simply pick up and play a ‘normal’ right handed guitar
  4. Right handed players will look like they are playing backwards, especially in lessons or when trying to learn from YouTube videos
  5. The guitar world is made for right handed players: From the set up of microphones, recording equipment and more

I feel so strongly about only teaching children to play right handed, I will ONLY teach them right handed. If a child comes to me having played for any amount of time left handed, from a month to a year and a half (the latest person I converted to right handed-ness) and above – I will simple restring the guitar if possible or ask the parents to purchase a right handed instrument, then re-teach them to play righty.

It really is so important to get off on the right track before things get complicated. Switched to right from left only takes a couple of weeks and the initial period of feeling awkward quickly fades.

Kids are fast learners!

If I can help you out on this subject or you are interested in booking a FREE trial lesson for your child, please feel free to get in touch anytime and I’ll be happy to help.