Best Age to Learn Guitar for Kids?

Guitar lessons for children

boy playing guitar happy

Look how happy guitar classes make him!

Tuition for kids is great, but how young is too young?

I’ve been teaching kids for over 15 years, here’s what I’ve found.

Guitar lessons are a fun, exciting time for kids, but sometimes it’s just not the right time in their lives’ to start.

There isn’t an absolute answer to this question, but very few children are ready at the age of 6 or less.  There are several reasons for this, they;

  • Usually can’t yet read
  • Have difficulty focusing
  • Will see lessons ‘as a game’, again leading to trouble focusing
  • Have wee fingers, not yet capable to fit the guitar
  • Fingers are also not yet strong and nimble enough to press down the strings
  • Have minimal experience being ‘taught’

My experience has taught me children aged 6 and under can often take to lessons at first.  Initially, they’ll pay attention and be up for it, but their attention quickly weans and progress stalls or stops.

You do get the odd natural, musical genius child who can play, progress and excel at this age (I’m told), but I’m yet to encounter one!

At aged 7 – most kids are ready or almost ready.

girl playing small guitar

No-matter the age, we always have fun in lessons!

When I take on a 7 year-old student, I tell the parents it we’ll take it month by month – always keeping an eye on their progression and making sure they’re ‘still in the game’.  Lessons at this age should never be longer than 20 minutes, max.  Find out more about how long is best for your child’s guitar lesson by reading my article here.

Based on my many years of experience, the ideal age to start is 7 or 8.

Now they can read, have experience with classes and have longer, stronger fingers – basically, the opposite of everything in the above list!

It’s not set in stone

Every child is different and ready to start at a different time in their life.  If you’re child isn’t ready now, they very well may be in 6 months to a years’ time.  Keep a guitar around the house, let them mess around with it – even have a trial lesson or two with an tutor who’s experienced with kids.  I believe I fit that bill, so when you think your wee one’s ready or want to test the water FOR FREE – give me a shout!  Contact details here

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